Procurement Services

Purchasing IT equipment is very easy these days, as you can buy it online, from a store across the street, or even from a variety of resellers. We at IP ConnectX try to make it a pleasant experience for our clients, by providing an excellent service, the best price and the related services to make the purchase a complete package. We provide the hardware, software, licenses and strategy, all in one-stop-shop.

Logistics and Procurement Services

If you require a server, workstation or laptop order to be customized, we are here to make it happen. If you need pre-configured systems standard, we can do it. We work with partners and first tier distribution to deliver the best goods and services for our clients.

Shipping to multiple addresses, different quantities, and large order management can be crucial to your business. We understand client needs when it comes to break up orders, and distribute them to multiple locations, or to smaller delivery chunks. As small order of 20 hard drives can be a big problem when it comes to cardboard recycling, imagine an order of 1,000, and what it those were tablets, switches, laptops or servers, now try to imagine 50,000. We are already helping our clients with such orders, so know how to handle them from the logistic stand point. You can trust us that we will work with your logistics department to make sure that your shipments are fully optimized.

Service that allows customers to rely business requirements to practical technical needs, and ability to execute

The process of the fundamentally changing systems, processes, people and technology to create an efficiency and effectiveness for the business model

If you have a need for single point of contact for your technical support needs