Enjoy Limitless Business Communication with VoIP

When it comes to telephony, proprietary PBX hardware can be costly, with restrictive licensing and high maintenance fees. At IPConnectX, we offer VOIP solutions ranging from partial to fully managed services. Our cutting-edge technology runs on reliable physical or virtual infrastructure.


What we offer

All of the VoIP solutions we carry come with the standard set and rich feature set that can support and integrate with a variety of CRM systems, conference, voice, video, data and call-center solutions. Depending on the assessment of the requirements and the solution stack, we are able to provide our clients the choice of solutions such as:

Key Benefits

Full integration with CRM systems

Corporate chat

Identifying the caller before picking up or calling out

Advanced call reporting

Monitoring of inbound missed or unanswered calls

Available on smartphones as well as clients for Mac or Windows computers