IT Infrastructure Management

We will cover all the IT needs of your business – from architecture planning to the entire operation of ready-made solutions.

What we offer

Cloud storage and automatic data backup.

Full servicing of your projects, including operating systems, applications, and services.

Expert design and maintenance of private networks.

Preventive monitoring network equipment, web servers, sites, system performance, and event logs.

Real-time traffic filtering and protection of websites and web applications from hacking and DDoS attacks.

Advanced network and server equipment from leading manufacturers.

A team of engineers, available 24/7, is responsible for keeping your infrastructure running.

Assistance in staffing, such as interviewing potential candidates and help in training and business overview.

Fast integration with your system at any level—from data center to application

Data center
Operating system
Applicaton infrastructure
Monitoring & maintenance
Managed hosting
Full IT outsourcing

Why IPconnectX is the right choice?