Protect your Data from Any Threat

Our disaster recovery team ensures that mission-critical systems remain available with minimal disruptions, and less-critical applications and data are back online within the minimum recovery time.

Why is it important?

By having a robust disaster recovery plan in place, businesses can mitigate the risks associated with potential disasters.

The majority of business owners feel confident, thinking that their backup and offsite data backup copy will save their business from the consequences of a disaster, well – not necessarily! Let’s not get mixed up, your backups will not truly be useful in case of a disaster.

About 60% of businesses that have had a major data loss or outage, will not survive in business for a year after the incident. You could be one of lucky 42% who have a plan, and within that percentage be among the 19% who have a successfully executed tested plan. If you are not one of them, IPConnectX can help.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Eliminate downtime and business disruption with data protection and disaster recovery plan.

Managed backups

Continuous or scheduled backups of critical data and applications, along with replication to off-site or cloud-based storage for redundancy.

Regular checks

Regular tests to ensure failover equipment and the disaster recovery plan works as expected.

Virtual server backup

We perform server virtualization to maintain access to data and applications in the event of a disaster.

Hardware failure protection

The image-based copies replication to an offsite appliance at a secure data center or cloud service for business continuity, if the on-premise hardware is damaged.

Advantages of our solution