Remote Monitoring

Use remote monitoring to proactively address technology issues and manage day-to-day needs.

What we offer

Network and network devices monitoring 24/7

Updates to all programs and software installed on client’s devices, servers, mobile devices, based on a pre-defined scope in an agreement

Internet up-down alerts, site-to-site connectivity verification

Updates to all network devices covered under the maintenance agreement based on a pre-defined schedule

Emergency security updates based on vendor’s recommendations

End-point protection updates and reporting on a schedule basis

Hardware monitoring to desktops, workstations, laptops, servers, firewalls, switches and other network devices

Custom alerts (optional) to let you know when and what is happening in your network

Why IPconnectX is the right choice?

At IP ConnectX we have implemented an affordable service platform program to enable smaller businesses to enjoy the expert IT support without having to hire an expensive one to sit onsite every day.

In this model you can have maintenance performed on your workstations and servers on or off business hours, letting us maintain your systems and keep them up to date and well managed, by performing the needed updates remotely without ever disturbing your employees as they perform their daily tasks.